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One More Week!

Can you believe it?

It's only one week away!

To my Book Launch!

That's right, my virtual Launch Party for "Like a Spark" (a middle-grade fiction book for kids aged 7-14) is only a week away. It's going to be a party to remember, that's for sure! I'm planning a really fun contest with an impressive "Like a Spark" prize pack up for grabs, an Author Signing Event with free

book giveaways, the exclusive premiere of my Book's Official Trailer and so much more!

I tell ya, planning a Book Launch is no easy task! From the social media posts to the videos, to designing all the promotional materials and's a colossal event! But I have been having so much fun with the whole process!

Yesterday I started to film some of the segments for the special day, and.....

I also received the paperback books in the mail!

It is a little bit of a whirlwind to be sure! In fact, I am just amazed that I was able to finish a project! Like I said in another blog post, this book is the very first chapter book that I have FINISHED! Yes, that might sound strange [outside the writer's community anyways..] that I call myself a writer but haven't been able to finish many projects!

But I personally don't think that's strange for one very important reason:

Writing is not like any other occupation! It's not about the word count, the publishing records or the number of words that I can get out in one day. It's about the entire experience and loving it! It's about bringing people, and worlds to life. It's about showcasing the human experience and bringing out in my stories what really matters in life.

That is what I love.

When I'm doing those things....I'm a writer!

Click here for a free sample of "Like a Spark"

Petra sample
Download PDF • 429KB

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