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Meet Malcolm

One of my favorite parts of writing "The Danger of Exposure" was bringing Malcolm to life. He is such a vivid and loveable character that, in my mind at least, he is alive, breathing, and very real.

So let me introduce you to my friend, Malcolm, the eighteen-year-old who is bound to make you laugh hysterically at his antics, feel bad for his lot in life, and even feel frustrated from time to time.

Malcolm lives with his mother in Slum B, the poorest and more cramped area of Lignum Sedes. His mother is the laundry lady which, by the way, says everything about their status in the village.

Malcolm has lived his whole life inside the 30-foot enclosure of the village's wall. The only experience of the outside world that he has had is from his rebellious nightly-perch atop the Western Gate. He dreams of adventure, exploration, and danger. But most of all he dreams of a world beyond the reach of the stranglehold of the council.

The witty-angst ridden protagonist of "The Danger of Exposure, "Malcolm

Malcolm's life inside the village was monotonous and predictable and mostly spent with his mother or his only friend, Roslynn, who relates to his general distaste of the controlled environment around him.

At the beginning of the novel, Malcolm is getting himself ready to face a life-changing event: the day he'll be told what department he'll be wasting his life in.

That's all for Now Folks

I'd tell you more, but I'd be giving away too much! But don't worry the book will be ready to purchase in just a few months.

In the meantime, I'll be posting on some other main characters. Stay Tuned!

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