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Introducing A Fellow Author: Tamara Linse

Have you ever done a live interview on social media? Well, before a few days ago I would have had to say no. But now I can honestly say that I had a complete blast chatting with fellow author and science-fiction enthusiast Tamara Linse.

During our chat, we were mostly discussing my new release- "Like Spark" (a middle-grade fiction illustrated chapter book, now available on all major book retailer sites, and here on my website as well, click here.)

But I thought maybe before we show you guys the interview (debuting during my book launch on May 12th- ) I'd like to tell you a little bit about my friend Tamara:

Tamara was raised in the 1880s! Kidding. She was raised on a ranch on the border of the U.S. states of Wyoming and Montana, where they did things the old-fashioned way. (Outdoor plumbing, anyone?) Her first memories are of walking in the cold and snow and freezing her toes while getting a Christmas tree with her older six siblings. She’s always loved books and always written, though she didn’t call herself a writer until she was 30—writers were these numinous beings who live on the East Coast and were published. She wrote and published literary fiction for a number of years and now she writes hard science fiction space opera. She just came out with the first in the Mechalum Space series, The Language of Corpses, which is about a xenolinguist working for a drug lord, a scientist who goes on an adventure with aliens, and the last man on an asteroid that is about to explode. Find her at (sci-fi) and (lit-fic), as well as on Twitter and Facebook. (She said I had to put this in: You should totally get a copy of Like a Spark. It’s beautiful and marvelous, she said!)

Connect with Tamara:


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