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"A Christmas Invasion" a short story about Space & Christmas

Hello all,

A friend and fellow sci-fi author, TT LINSE started a short story series, called "Space-Y Christmas" that invites authors to submit short stories about Christmas and Space. A pretty unique and original idea, I thought, so I submitted my own story.

It's called "A Christmas Invasion" and it's about a preteen orphan boy who lives on a distant moon in outer space. His home is in a state of evacuation due to an imminent threat of alien invasion. In the queue to get on the rocket that will propel him and his people to safety, he suddenly takes off, evades the guards, and turns back for home. He can't imagine another home for himself and would rather die there than anywhere else. He watches from his mother's bedroom window as the colonial ships of the expected alien invaders arrive. Fear of the unknown grips him. He's made his decision.

Find out what happens next.

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!

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